Favorite No. 581 Annual Wildlife Supper

On Saturday May 6th, Brothers from Latonia Lodge No. 746 and a few friends made the trip to Ewing, KY to enjoy a wild game meal prepared and hosted by Favorite Lodge No. 581. Most Worshipful Grand Master Todd Jones belongs to Favorite No. 581 and welcomed everyone with open arms and a friendly smile. This makes two years in a row that Brothers from Latonia have made the trip, and we are already looking forward to the meal next year!


District 18/19 Meeting 04/08/2017

On Saturday April 8th, the joint meeting of District 18 and District 19 was held at the Newport Masonic Temple in Newport, KY. The host lodge, Robert Burns No. 163, prepared an OUTSTANDING meal and over 240 Masons were in attendance.

Latonia Lodge No. 746 proudly had 8 Brothers present representing our lodge and Worshipful Master Yocom presented our State of the Lodge Report with great pride. This year has been incredible for our lodge and we continue to do amazing things!

¬†Bro. Eric Creech Sr. (95/808) finishes off a plate of roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans and salad – with a slice of cake to finish ūüôā

Newport Masonic Temple. Robert Burns No. 163, Newport No. 358 and Henry Barnes No. 607 meet here in addition to Eastern Star and other bodies.

Master Mason Degree 04/01/2017

On¬†Saturday April 1st,¬†Latonia Lodge No. 746 raised Bro. Greg Hornsby Jr. and Bro. Jason Humphrey to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. The Degree work was excellent and Worshipful Master¬†Robert Hornsby PM¬†and his core of Officers did an outstanding job. This was also Latonia Lodge’s Past Master Degree where all chairs, outside of Stewards, were occupied by lodge Past Masters.

We would also like to congratulate Bro. Dave Regan PM, Bro. Don Kaiser (159) and Bro. Brad Drew PM on their work as Ruffians in the second section, and a big thank you to Bro. Ed Tanner (304/926) for his delivery of the MM Charge and Address to the newly raised Brothers.

After the degree work was completed, many Brothers, family members and friends attended a dinner prepared by Bro. Brad Drew PM. Presentations were made and Bro. Greg and Bro. Jason shared a few words with the crowd.

Latonia Lodge No. 746 F.&A.M. would like to thank everyone who came out and supported these Brothers and look forward to seeing many of you again!

L-R: Bro. Don Kaiser (159), Bro. Ed Tanner (304/926), Bro. Chester Humphrey PM, Bro. Brad Drew PM, Bro. Jason Humphrey, Bro. Robert Hornsby PM, Bro. Greg Hornsby, Bro. Chuck Yocom PM, Bro. Tom Roundtree PM, Bro. Lee Onkst PM, Bro. Bob Elam and Bro. Tommy Records.
 Bro. Robert Hornsby PM was able to confer the Master Mason Degree on his nephew, Bro. Greg Hornsby.
Bro. Chester Humphrey welcomes and congratulates his son, Bro. Jason Humphrey on receiving his Master Mason Degree.

Latonia Entered Apprentice Degree 03/23/2017

On Thursday March 23rd Latonia Lodge No. 746 initiated Bro. Matthew Hornsby as an Entered Apprentice Mason. The Degree work was excellent and Worshipful Master Onkst and his core of Officers did an outstanding job!

We would also like to congratulate Bro. Kenny Rodgers (109) on his delivery of the Recapitulation and EA Slide Lectures; Bro. Brad Drew PM on his delivery of the Lodge Information Lecture and to Bro. Tom Roundtree PM for delivering the EA Charge.

Bro. Matt will be mentored by Bro. Brad Drew PM for his EA proficiency along with Bro. Stan Matter and will be passed to the Degree of Fellow Craft on Thursday May 18th at 7:00pm (tentatively). Mark your calendars!

L-R: Bro. Tom Roundtree PM, Bro. Leon Whitaker PM, Bro. Lee Onkst PM, Bro. Robert Hornsby PM, Bro. Matt Hornsby EA, Bro. Chuck Yocom PM, Bro. Greg Hornsby FC, Bro. Chester Humphrey PM, Bro. Jason Humphrey FC, Bro. Tommy Records PM, Bro. Kenny Rodgers (109) and Bro. Stan Matter EA. 
Bro. Brad Drew PM takes a selfie with the group as well!

The Forget-Me-Not

Masonry has long used symbols to teach its valuable and important lessons. Every Mason is familiar with their usage. One of the most recent symbols that are associated with Masonry is the blue Forget-Me-Not flower. During the early 1930s, this delicate, little, five-petaled flower, which is similar to the common violet, became a symbol of Freemasonry in Nazi Germany and exemplified the spirit, dedication, and courage of men who literally held to their Masonic principles and beliefs in the face of gravest danger.

Shortly after Adolph Hitler came to power in 1933, he issued two decrees. One provided for Nazi control over the educational process. The second made membership in a Masonic Fraternity a crime. Hitler viewed Freemasonry as part of “the Jewish conspiracy” and wanted it eradicated. At that time there were 85,000 Masons in good standing in Germany. Adolf Eichman, who would later play an important role in Hitler’s “final solution,” raided the Grand Lodge of Germany and confiscated all of their records including the names and addresses of 80,000 German Masons. Lodge property was confiscated and Eichman secretly issued orders that Masons should be put to death. His orders were followed.

The remaining 5,000 German Masons whose records were not found, immediately went underground hiding their records, lodge paraphernalia, and identifying jewelry. Active Freemasonry in Germany ceased to exist.

In 1934, members of the German Grand Lodge of the Sun (one of Germany’s pre-war Grand Lodges) began wearing the blue Forget-Me-Not instead of the traditional square and compass on their lapels as a mark of identity for Masons. This was a Masonic secret that was never broken. Throughout the whole era of Nazi domination, little blue Forget-Me-Nots appeared on lapels in cities and even in concentration camps, worn by brothers whose love of freedom, learning, and Freemasonry remained strong even under repressive Nazi rule.

In 1947, when the Grand Lodge of the Sun was reopened in Bayreuth by Past Grand Master Beyer, a pin in the shape of a Forget-Me-Not was adopted as an emblem of that first annual convention by those who had survived the bitter darkness of the Nazi era and were now able to openly rekindle the light of Freemasonry.

In 1948, the first Convent of the United Grand Lodges of Germany also adopted the pin as an official Masonic emblem honoring those brothers who had been forced to shelter the light of Freemasonry within but dared to wear the little flower openly. The tradition of using the blue Forget-Me-Not as a tribute to those whose fidelity to the Fraternity sets them apart was also used by the Masonic brotherhood of the blue Forget-Me-Not that recognizes the contributions of Masonic educators.

Although Adolph Hitler was able to destroy the outward vestiges of Freemasonry by desecrating temples and imprisoning or murdering Masons, he was never able to completely eradicate Freemasonry in Germany. He was never able to understand that respect for individual rights and the love of liberty and learning will continue to burn in the hearts of some men, and that is the place where Masonry can endure even under the most repressive environment. Like the phoenix, Masonry rose out of the ashes of Nazi Germany (as it is also doing in several former communist block countries) as a tribute to the courage of man and the durability of those values and lessons that Masonry holds dear.

Callaway, Walter M., “Forget-Me-Not, A Masonic Symbol in Germany.” California Freemason. P 168-69.
“Das Vergissmeinnicht, The Forget-Me-Not” Square & Compass. P 19-20.
Roberts, Allen. Explanation of the Masonic Brotherhood of the Blue Forget-Me-Not.
Grand Lodge of Iowa, A.F. & A.M. Printing August 2002

Visit to Lawrenceburg Lodge No. 4 (Indiana)

On Tuesday March 7th Worshipful Bro. Chuck Yocom PM, Bro. Tom Roundtree PM and Bro. Brad Drew PM made the short trip from Covington, KY to Lawrenceburg, IN to visit with the Brothers of Lawrenceburg Lodge No. 4. Upon arrival the Brothers from Latonia were welcomed with open arms and incredible hospitality. Every Brother Lawrenceburg No. 4 introduced themselves and welcomed our group.

We were also shown many historical documents and books from when the lodge was originally chartered in 1816, including an original document from where Lawrenceburg No. 4 was originally “Lawrenceburgh No. 44” of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, until the Grand Lodge of Indiana was chartered.

The Brothers from Latonia Lodge No. 746 appreciated the hospitality and shared many stories and laughs with our Indiana Brothers. We look forward to our next visit!

Bro. tom roundtree pm (746) sitting on the sidelines under a wall of past masters!

Alexandria Lodge No. 152 MM Degree

On Saturday March 3rd, Worshipful Master Chuck Yocom PM and Lodge Secretary Brad Drew PM made the snowy and icy trip to Alexandria Lodge No. 152 for the conferral of a Master Mason Degree on three Brothers. With over 20 in attendance, one Brother each from Alexandria Lodge No. 152, Newport Lodge No. 358 and Robert Burns Lodge No. 163 was raised to the sublime Degree of a Master Mason.

Latonia Lodge No. 746 would like to thank Alexandria Lodge No. 152 for their hospitality and welcome and congratulate all three of the newly raised Brothers! We look forward to sitting in lodge with you for years to come!

Lodges represented include Alexandria No. 152, Newport No. 358, Robert Burns No. 163, Golden Rule Covington No. 109 and Latonia No. 746.

Grand Master Visit 03/02/2017

On Thursday March 2nd, at the monthly stated communication Latonia Lodge No. 746 was pleased and honored to host Most Worshipful Grand Master Bro. Todd Jones (112/581).

In addition to MW Bro. Jones, Right Worshipful Bro. Coleman Waford (291) Grand Senior Deacon and Worshipful Bro. Kevin Schneider (123) District Deputy Grand Master District #18, Brothers from Henry Barnes Lodge No. 607, Brothers from Golden Rule Covington Lodge No. 109 and Brothers from Burlington No. 264 and Elvin E. Helms Lodge No. 926 were present and participated in the meeting. We thank each and every one of you for visiting with us and hope you enjoy your lapel pins!

Front Row L-R: Bro. Tommy Records (746), Bro. Lee Onkst PM (746), RW Bro. coleman waford gsd (291), bro. gary gray (746), bro. ira brockman pm (746), bro. tom roundtree pm (746), bro. Robert Hornsby pm (746), bro. Darryl Mitchell (607), bro. bob elam (746), bro. jeff moermond (607), bro. james rose (607) and bro. dave regan pm (746). back row l-r: BRO. JOHN DETTOR (109), BRO. BJ FRYMAN (746), BRO. CHRIS BOLENDER PM (746), WORSHIPFUL BRO. CHUCK YOCOM PM (746), BRO. BRAD DREW PM (746) AND BRO. KEVIN SCHNEIDER (123) DDGM #18.
Most Worshipful Grand Master Bro. Todd Jones takes a selfie with the group!

Collins Elementary Sponsorship

In 2016 Latonia Lodge No. 746 began a small sponsorship with a good family friend of Bro. Brad Drew PM; Mrs. Darci Finn. Mrs. Finn was a pre-school teacher at Collins Elementary in Florence, KY and would frequently have to purchase classroom supplies for her students out of pocket. Unfortunately while this may not seem like a burden to some, purchasing items for 20-25 students on a monthly basis can really put a dent into your personal income. Teachers and educators like Mrs. Finn do this day in and day out all over the country and are very rarely recognized.

Latonia Lodge No. 746 recognized this financial strain and started a sponsorship where the lodge would collect money every stated communication and those funds would go directly 100% back to Mrs. Finn’s classroom. Items such as hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, paper and pens and much more were delivered every 4-6 weeks depending on the classroom need. Eventually other pre-school teachers at Collins Elementary started to notice and for 2017 Latonia Lodge No. 746 decided to open this sponsorship up to all teachers in pre-school and kindergarten at Collins Elementary. We thank these teachers each and every day for what they do, and this small act of kindness on our part is our way of saying THANK YOU to all teachers across the country!

Latonia Lodge No. 746 sponsored Kindergarten Teachers from Collins Elementary School in Florence, KY. L-R: mrs. pabst, mrs. Johnson, mrs. cook, mrs. walsh, mrs. finn and ms. witzgall.


Grant Lodge No. 85 EA Degree

On Thursday February 23rd, Grant Lodge No. 85 initiated Bro. Tommy Judd into the Masonic Fraternity. Worshipful Bro. Chuck Yocom PM, Bro. Brad Drew PM, Bro. Tom Roundtree PM and Bro. Ira Brockman PM of Latonia Lodge No. 746 visited Grant Lodge No. 85 for their Degree and assisted with the work as well!

We would like to thank and congratulate the Brothers of Grant Lodge No. 85 and welcome Bro. Judd into our fraternity.

L-R: Worshipful Bro. Chuck Yocom PM, Bro. Tom Roundtree PM, EA Bro. Tommy Judd (85), Bro. Ira Brockman PM and Bro. Brad Drew PM.