Latonia Entered Apprentice Degree 03/23/2017

On Thursday March 23rd Latonia Lodge No. 746 initiated Bro. Matthew Hornsby as an Entered Apprentice Mason. The Degree work was excellent and Worshipful Master Onkst and his core of Officers did an outstanding job!

We would also like to congratulate Bro. Kenny Rodgers (109) on his delivery of the Recapitulation and EA Slide Lectures; Bro. Brad Drew PM on his delivery of the Lodge Information Lecture and to Bro. Tom Roundtree PM for delivering the EA Charge.

Bro. Matt will be mentored by Bro. Brad Drew PM for his EA proficiency along with Bro. Stan Matter and will be passed to the Degree of Fellow Craft on Thursday May 18th at 7:00pm (tentatively). Mark your calendars!

L-R: Bro. Tom Roundtree PM, Bro. Leon Whitaker PM, Bro. Lee Onkst PM, Bro. Robert Hornsby PM, Bro. Matt Hornsby EA, Bro. Chuck Yocom PM, Bro. Greg Hornsby FC, Bro. Chester Humphrey PM, Bro. Jason Humphrey FC, Bro. Tommy Records PM, Bro. Kenny Rodgers (109) and Bro. Stan Matter EA. 
Bro. Brad Drew PM takes a selfie with the group as well!

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