Grand Master Visit 03/02/2017

On Thursday March 2nd, at the monthly stated communication Latonia Lodge No. 746 was pleased and honored to host Most Worshipful Grand Master Bro. Todd Jones (112/581).

In addition to MW Bro. Jones, Right Worshipful Bro. Coleman Waford (291) Grand Senior Deacon and Worshipful Bro. Kevin Schneider (123) District Deputy Grand Master District #18, Brothers from Henry Barnes Lodge No. 607, Brothers from Golden Rule Covington Lodge No. 109 and Brothers from Burlington No. 264 and Elvin E. Helms Lodge No. 926 were present and participated in the meeting. We thank each and every one of you for visiting with us and hope you enjoy your lapel pins!

Front Row L-R: Bro. Tommy Records (746), Bro. Lee Onkst PM (746), RW Bro. coleman waford gsd (291), bro. gary gray (746), bro. ira brockman pm (746), bro. tom roundtree pm (746), bro. Robert Hornsby pm (746), bro. Darryl Mitchell (607), bro. bob elam (746), bro. jeff moermond (607), bro. james rose (607) and bro. dave regan pm (746). back row l-r: BRO. JOHN DETTOR (109), BRO. BJ FRYMAN (746), BRO. CHRIS BOLENDER PM (746), WORSHIPFUL BRO. CHUCK YOCOM PM (746), BRO. BRAD DREW PM (746) AND BRO. KEVIN SCHNEIDER (123) DDGM #18.
Most Worshipful Grand Master Bro. Todd Jones takes a selfie with the group!

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