Collins Elementary Sponsorship

In 2016 Latonia Lodge No. 746 began a small sponsorship with a good family friend of Bro. Brad Drew PM; Mrs. Darci Finn. Mrs. Finn was a pre-school teacher at Collins Elementary in Florence, KY and would frequently have to purchase classroom supplies for her students out of pocket. Unfortunately while this may not seem like a burden to some, purchasing items for 20-25 students on a monthly basis can really put a dent into your personal income. Teachers and educators like Mrs. Finn do this day in and day out all over the country and are very rarely recognized.

Latonia Lodge No. 746 recognized this financial strain and started a sponsorship where the lodge would collect money every stated communication and those funds would go directly 100% back to Mrs. Finn’s classroom. Items such as hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, paper and pens and much more were delivered every 4-6 weeks depending on the classroom need. Eventually other pre-school teachers at Collins Elementary started to notice and for 2017 Latonia Lodge No. 746 decided to open this sponsorship up to all teachers in pre-school and kindergarten at Collins Elementary. We thank these teachers each and every day for what they do, and this small act of kindness on our part is our way of saying THANK YOU to all teachers across the country!

Latonia Lodge No. 746 sponsored Kindergarten Teachers from Collins Elementary School in Florence, KY. L-R: mrs. pabst, mrs. Johnson, mrs. cook, mrs. walsh, mrs. finn and ms. witzgall.



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