Golden Rule Covington No. 109 EA Degree

On January 31st, Brothers from Latonia Lodge No. 746 joined the Brothers of Golden Rule Covington Lodge No. 109 to welcome two new Brothers into the Masonic Fraternity. Bro. Randy Herzog and Bro. Mike Hamilton were initiated as Entered Apprentice Masons. Over 30 Brothers were in attendance representing at least 10 different lodges in both Kentucky and Ohio.

Bro. Randy Herzog is the son of Bro. Jim Herzog of Burlington Lodge No. 264 and Elvin E. Helms Lodge No. 926. Bro. Jim is a frequent visitor and supporter of Latonia Lodge No. 746 and we made sure that we joined him in welcoming his son to Freemasonry on this night!

grc109-ea-013117L-R: Bro. Greg Bailey (109), Bro. Dan Kemble (517, 926), Bro. Buddy Wallace (264, 926), Ernie Stratton (304, 926), Dwight Rider (109), Mike Hamilton (E. A., 109), Jason Hale (109), Ed Tanner (304, 926), Rob Himes (109), Orlando Dos Santos (109), Eric Nelson (109), Randy Herzog, (E. A., 109), Jim Herzog (264, 926), and Hampton Quigley (109).

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