Latonia Lodge No. 746 Initiates Four

On Thursday October 27th, Brothers from Latonia Lodge No. 746 with the assistance of Brothers from Golden Rule Covington Lodge No. 109 initiated four new Brothers into Masonry. Acting Master for the evening, Bro. Lee Onkst PM conferred a fine degree and his Officers all did a great job on the Degree work!

We would also like to congratulate and thank Bro. Chuck Yocom PM on giving both the Bible and Apron Lectures, Bro. Kenny Rodgers PM GRC 109 on giving the Recap Lecture, Bro. Barry Catron on giving the Picture Lecture, Bro. Brad Drew on giving the Informative Lecture and Bro. Tom Roundtree PM on giving the EA Charge. Another thanks goes out to Worshipful Bro. Jason Hale and Worshipful Bro. John Dettor from GRC 109 for sitting in and assisting with the work.

Pictured Above L-R: Tom Roundtree PM, Jason Hale GRC 109, Stan Matter (EA), Kenny Rodgers GRC 109, Worshipful Brad Drew, Walt Jones (EA), Chuck Yocom PM, Greg Hornsby (EA), Lee Onkst  PM, Gary Gray, Jason Humphrey (EA), John Dettor GRC 109 and Chris Bolender PM.

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