September Visit to Elvin E. Helms No. 926

Brothers from Latonia Lodge No. 746 made the trip again down to Petersburg, KY to visit with our Brothers at Elvin E. Helms Lodge No. 926 on Tuesday September 13, 2016. Not only was the group looking forward to a great night of fellowship at the monthly stated communication, but this evening also included a Fellow Craft Proficiency and Masonic Education presented by Illustrious Bro. Bill Lorenz.

Bro. Lorenz gave a presentation on Magic Squares and Magic Numbers for the education at this meeting. All Brothers in attendance appreciated the education and thanked Bro. Lorenz for his hard work and dedication.

After the presentation our Brothers from Latonia claimed both the District 18 Traveling Gavel and the Scottish Rite Traveling Gavel. Once again the gavels come home to Latonia and we look forward to seeing who will come claim them from us!

Pictured Above L-R: Bro. Vern Gregory PM, Bro. Tom Roundtree PM, Worshipful Bro. Ernie Stratton, Worshipful Bro. Brad Drew, Bro. Chuck Yocum PM and Bro. Ira Brockman PM.

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