Fellowship Team Goes After District 18 Gavel

On Monday May 9, 2016 five Brothers from Latonia Lodge No. 746 traveled 30 minutes south to Fiskburg, KY where we were welcomed with the usual Masonic hospitality by the Brothers of Wilmington Lodge No. 362. This evening was special since the Brothers of Wilmington Lodge were in possession of the District 18 Traveling Gavel. We were welcomed and invited to attend by Worshipful Bro. Dave Carnes, Bro. Wayne Horn, Bro. Mike King, Bro. Bill Cornelious and many others. After a wonderful meeting filled with fellowship and good conversation, typical of the Brothers of Wilmington Lodge No. 362, we were treated to a buffet of food including chicken salad, sub sandwiches, macaroni and cheese and much more. Latonia Lodge No. 746 would like to again thank the Brothers of Wilmington Lodge No. 362 for their hospitality and fellowship! We look forward to our next visit!

There were 8 Lodges represented at this meeting:

  • Wilmington Lodge No. 362
  • Latonia Lodge No. 746
  • Crittenden Dry Ridge Lodge No. 694
  • Grant Lodge No. 85
  • Burlington Lodge No. 264
  • Boone Union Lodge No. 304
  • Hebron Lodge No. 757
  • Demoss Lodge No. 220 (District 19)

Crittenden Dry Ridge No. 694 brought the most Brothers with a total of 6, however our Latonia Brothers were right behind with 5 present and Burlington close behind that with 4 present. What a great meeting and wonderful fellowship with 23 Brothers from 8 lodges! There were also 5 current sitting Masters present, representing 1/3 of District 18!!

Pictured above left to right: Bro. Ira Brockman, PM; Bro. Dave Carnes, Master Wilmington No. 362; Bro. Brad Drew, Master Latonia No. 746; Bro. Chuck Yocum, PM; Bro. Lee Onkst, PM; Bro. William Fryman.





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