Latonia Lodge No. 746 F&AM hosts Holiday Food Drive

Have you been down to the Scottish Rite Temple lately and noticed a small table moved to the side that has cans and non-perishable food all over it? If so, you’ve noticed the start to a great Holiday Food Drive. Latonia Lodge No. 746 is hosting a Holiday Food Drive that will help feed one or two local Covington families this Holiday season. With your help, we can not only provide a great meal but we can also bring love and happiness to a local family in need.

Latonia Lodge No. 746 has partnered with Madison Avenue Christian Church to feed one or possibly two families this December depending on the amount of food donated. We all see deals and sale items while at the grocery store. Or perhaps now is the time you clean out the pantry with those can goods you bought this fall and help a family! Food is not the only item that can be donated. Warm clothes, coffee, household items, etc. can all be donated as well. Anything will help!!

Below you will find a flyer for this Food Drive and I would urge you to reach out to your lodges, brothers and families and see what we can pull together.

All lodges, bodies and groups that donate will be recognized and thanked by many!

2015-11-13 17_57_15-2015 Holiday Food Drive - Word


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